Renewal Energy Division

Water Matrix builds total energy systems with guarantees of power in kW and temperature for the need of the customer. The system includes sewer pipe, heat exchanger, connecting pipes, any type of heat pumps (electric, gas motor, absorption), peak boiler, all installations in the energy plant, control systems.

In addition of this variety of opportunities to implementation, there a three new important developments:

  • The patent of an Anti-fouling-System to prevent the formation of slime (biofilm).
  • The new material developed by Arcelor-Mittal (chrome steel) provides improved thermal conductivity by about 80 percent.
  • A supervisory control system for bivalent systems with alternative energy sources.

We is always ahead in research and development, having invented an anti-fouling system to prevent the formation of an insulating biofilm and a new heat exchanger material with a 80 % better heat conductivity.

Thanks to all these new developments it was possible to increase the heat extraction rate by up to 40%. That means, without the anti-fouling system and without the new ferritic steel, the heat exchanger chains would have to be 40% longer. Together with a bivalent process control system, sewage heat recovery plants now score with a return-on-investment of 2 – 6 years.