Bar screens are proposed for extraction of enormous and medium waste solids from mechanical and municipal wastewater with resulting dumping on a carrier or into a waste bin.

Multi Rake screens can be introduced at sewer pumping stations and at the headwork of wastewater treatment plants. Rake screens are proposed for extraction of enormous and medium waste solids from municipal and industrial wastewater with ensuing dumping on a carrier or into a waste container. The screens are expected for use in the wastewater with pH = 6.5÷8.5.

Rake screens of various measurements are made of stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 on customer demand. Measurements of the rake screens are chosen relying upon required flow rate, wastewater arrangement and measurements of the channels.

The rake screen is a separating mesh comprising of bars introduced into a frame. The bars are produced using primary shapes with a tear drop formed cross segment that improves stream attributes of the filtering mesh. The screen’s filtering mesh can also be made of rectangular or round profile bars.

Bar dispersing in the filtering mesh can change from 5 – 100mm for normal hardware or can be changed exclusively. The rectangular edge comprises of two longitudinal sheets associated by cross shafts. The covered hardened steel chains can be moved along polymer guides installed on the longitudinal sheets of the screen. Chain strain is movable.

Cross rakes are introduced on the chains for cleaning of the filtering mesh. Chains and rakes are impelled by shaft rotation with drive sprockets situated in the screen top segment. The shaft is driven by a motor. At the screen base, the chain is moved along a pilot slider made of a wear safe polymer material. In this way, there are no pivoting parts in the lowered segment of the screen.

The screen is introduced onto a hub of an extraordinary turning prop mounted on the wall of the channel or onto unique stage affixed in the channel while the actual screen can be lifted over the channel for upkeep. In the event that there is an absence of room in a short station without probability of screen lifting, an extraordinary adaptive stage is utilized

Bar Screen
Bar Screen

Operating Principal
The rake screen gathers and eliminates solids from wastewater that bigger than bar separating. The solids are regularly taken off from the sifting network by the rake moving them to the top edge of the edge. The solids are then eliminated from the rake by methods for a kicker and dispatched along the gravity slide onto a carrier or into squander container. The screen operation periodicity depends on the chosen equipment automation scheme and defined by technological commission results.

Advantages of Bar Screen:

  • Protection from mechanical and pressure driven over-burdens because of high tensile design in correlation with different kinds of mechanized screens
  • High hydraulic efficiency achieved by using tear shaped bars that cause a pressure gradient to the mesh and across the bar spacing
  • Tear molded profile also shields the screen from waste sticking inside the filtering mesh. By utilizing this plan, such blockages can be eliminated by rakes permitting the screen work uninhibitedly;
  • High dependability accomplished by the shortfall of the turning parts in the submersible part
  • Submersible parts like packaging, bars, chains and rakes are made of tempered steel to improve consumption obstruction in forceful conditions of wastewater;
  • Improved ergonomics: practicality of the screen because of openness of the principle units in activity and screen lifting without demounting.

Screen automation is possible as per various boundaries:

  • Time span.
  • Wastewater level contrast upstream and downstream of the screen.
  • Any modified program.

Alert frameworks are accommodated the typical activity sign, the crisis stops, the wastewater high level in the channel and others. It is conceivable to move gear status information to a more significant level automated process control framework relying upon the customer’s necessities. The screen is provided with a security device jet lever to evade harm to the screen, for example, chain extending or breaking. The security gadget and stops the screen activity in case of any jam or mechanical hindrance to the chain development. Light and sound alerts turn on all the while when the safety device activates. The screens along with a conveyer, compacting press and slide doors are remembered for an elite complex for mechanical wastewater treatment. Outfitting the control system with programmable modules makes it conceivable to coordinate complex sub systems into one system with a common control centre and remote dispatching.

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