Floating Oil Skimmers

Greasebuster Fat Skimmer

The Greasebuster™ Fat and Oil and Grease Skimmer combines the innovation of Fat Skimmers and Oil Skimmers in its process of fat and oil removal

FOG Reduction

Fats, oils and greases (FOG) are becoming a major issue in sewerage networks. There are increasing regulations for process companies to treat this issue before discharge, particularly in the food processing industries. The Greasebuster™ Fat and Oil and Grease Skimmer combines the innovation of Fat Skimmers and Oil Skimmers in its process of fat and oil removal from waste water tanks and systems by using Hydrophobic Belts which attract fats, oils and greases but reject water.


Simple Effective Technology
Placed directly into the tank, the simple technology allows for effective removal of oils from the surface of the water using hydrophobic belt materials. This belt works continuously to lift FOG from the waste water whilst rejecting water. The FOG is then scraped from the belt and deposited into a collection vessel for recovery. In above ground tanks the Greasebuster can be attached to the wall of the tank and in underground tanks the flotation variant allows the Greasebuster to float in the tank and FOG is removed with an integral slurry pump to a surface collection vessel.

Prevention Is Cheaper Than the Cure

By removing FOG at source, the Greasebuster offers many benefits that can produce lower effluent bills, reduce waste and prevent prosecution.

  • Reduced COD and Suspended solids produce lower effluent bills.
  • Compliance with discharge consents reduces risk of prosecution.
  • Oil reclamation generates income.
  • Prevention of seer blockages stops downstream cleaning costs.
  • Produces a positive environmental impact.

Robust Technology and Control

The Greasebuster main frame is made of high chemical resistant and high temperature grade Polypropylene with stainless steel roller bearings. A programmable motor speed controller, 5.5KW invertor and 3-phase geared motor provide variable speed and both continuous and timed periodic running. The Greasebuster gathering trough also has a heater underneath to keep the FOG liquidized very beneficial in cold climates.

Heavy Duty Oil Removal and Surface Sludge Removal

Fats, oils and grease otherwise known as FOG, is a major problem in process industries, particularly bakeries, ready-made meals, meat processing and many other types of industries relating to food manufacturing.

High Removal Capacity

The Smart Storm Greasebuster fat skimmer is a new innovative solution for the removal of fats, oils and greases from industrial and municipal waste water effluent streams The Greasebuster™ is manufactured in either 800mmor 1200mm belts which can remove up to 4m3 of FOG per day. The Greasebuster is specifically designed for large scale industrial use. For oil applications almost 100% oil extraction is possible which once recovered can be resold for reprocessing. Up to 4 metres cube of oil can be extracted per day (have this figure float across the screen).

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