SBR Decanters


Floating (SBR) decanters are typically used to discharge the clear water layer at the end of a treatment cycle in SBR plants and decanters are available for discharge by gravity or pumping and also with or without an additional automatic closing system.

    • Simple and Robust equipment
    • Simple and easy installation
    • Ideal solution for SBR Reactors
    • Different discharge piping systems: flexible hoses or stainless-steel pipes
    • Discharge below water level: no floatables are aspirated from the surface during decanting
    • Wide range: available from 10 m3/h to > 2,000 m3/h
    • Horizontal inflow weir: no aspiration of settled sludge after sedimentation
    • Floating design: always the best distance to the sludge blanket
    • Huge inflow opening: no unattended turbulences
    • Automatic closing system (option): no entry of particles during mixing and aeration in the basin
    • Materials: stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
    • 4 possible executions

> Decanting with discharge by gravity
> Decanting with discharge by pump
> Decanting with mechanically closing system and discharge by gravity
> Decanting with mechanically closing system and discharge by pump