Radial Suction Scraper

Radial suction scrapers are intended for sludge removal from the bottom of the primary clarifiers. Sludge scrapers are used to in radial primary clarifiers of the wastewater treatment plants.


The Radial Suction Scraper is an integral piece of equipment and technological accessory. The main equipment include the bridge, sludge-receiving collector with sludge-intake devices and the driven trolley. The sludge-intake devices are fastened to the sludge-receiver collector suspended on the steel braces with adjustable length, and are equipped with rubber skirting.

Radial Suction Scraper
Radial Suction Scraper

The bridge provides access to the center of the sludge sucker. The driven trolley is equipped with a variable speed drive. It is installed on the external end of the girder.

Driven trolley with all wheel drive is offered as an option. Another bridge’s end rests on the platform and central shaft. The metal or plastic decking enclosed by handrails is mounted on the girder top.

Auxiliary equipment can be installed in addition to the sludge intake systems.

The auxiliary equipment include:

  • Electrically driven cleaner of the clarifier board lane
  • Device for mechanical cleaning of clarifier’s tray edges
  • Device for collection and removal of floating material from the clarifier’s water surface

The device for collecting and removing floating material consists of the receiving bin, the case, the pipeline and the above water scraper driving floating material to the clarifier board.

The radial suction scraper can be made movable in the vertical plane of the sludge receiver manifold pipe, on customer demand. On the sludge receiving collector’s end, the wheel is installed to accommodate inconsistencies from an uneven clarifier floor.

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