Vortex Grit consists of sand, gravel, cinders, or other heavy materials that have specific gravities or settling velocities considerably greater than those of organic particles. In addition to these materials, grit includes eggshells, bone chips, seeds, coffee grounds, and large organic particles.


  • The Grit Chamber operates on the vortex principle.
  • The stirrer maintain rotational velocity allowing grit to settle while holding organics in suspension.
  • Sloped transition between upper chamber section(s) and grit well promotes grit settling to well.
  • Grit transferred from grit well to tangential grit conveyor via pump where the grit is washed intermittently.
  • Grit is agitated by the mixing device to improve grit washing process.
  • The grit is discharged into the storage container or onto the transporter.

Advantages of Vortex Grit:

  • Construction is ideal for wastewater treatment plants with lesser footprints
  • Does not require high capital costs low capacity STPs
  • Increased efficiency by using tangential motion of the fluid
  • Casing manufactured from stainless steel is reliable and durable