Water Matrix Euroclean MABR (Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor) is innovative, game changer device that offers BOD/COD reduction and Biological nutrient removal, in an innovative manner that offers substantial reduction in capital expense & operational expense.

Offers 4 times more Oxygen transfer reduction in sludge and footprint.


What it is & How it Works?

  • It is PDMS hollow fiber membrane with 0.3 mm diameter & 0.1mm wall membrane
  • It is Gas permeable membrane
  • Bacteria in the form of bio film grows on the outer surface of the hollow fiber tube (fixed film)
  • Air at low pressure (not against water head) is blown the hollow fiber tube, saves power (op ex)
  • O2 (oxygen) diffuses through the wall of membrane to the base of Bio film, which is surrounded by anoxic waste water
  • Simultaneous nitrification & De-nitrification takes place in the same tank (saves Cap.Ex.) no need of large recirculation of nitrite to nitrate (Op.Ex. saved)
  • Ammonia in water diffuses to the base of bio film, where it is nitrified to make Nitrite and Nitrate
  • Both Nitrate & nitrite diffuse to surface of Bio film at outer layer, where they are combined with COD & BOD of water & De-nitrify.


  • MABR offer 95% oxygen transfer efficiency, whereas conventional systems offer around 30%
  • No back wash needed as liquid does not pass through the membrane, only gas
  • (Air & o2) pass through.
  • Air passed through hollow fiber tube, not subjected to head pressure of water level,
  • So low pressure @ 150 mBar

Retro fit for existing STPs and ETPs, to augment capacity of treatment & enhance treated water quality with BNR, no civil work in existing plants, packaged plants for STPs, 100 / 200/ 300 KLD Modular units with BNR.

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