Self-Aspirating Bottom Aerators aspirate air without additional blowers and eject it 360° around the unit with intensive mixing action it is ideal for deep tanks, moderate to high solids concentrations and also re-suspension of settled solids. The feasibility range covers all kinds of aerated sludge tanks or waste water storage tanks as well as activated sludge plants, SBR and MBR systems. Available with or without channels and in self-aspirating and blower versions depending on basin dimensions and oxygen demand.

Low-speed Bottom Aerator / Mixer

Exceptional mixing performance in both low and high solids concentration. Independent aerator and mixer, if required. Intensive, low-energy, 360-degree mixing pattern and totally non-clogging impeller. Available as submerged drive or surface drive with extended shaft. The feasibility range covers High efficiency mixing of basins + tanks, Activated-sludge processes, Denitrification + SBR and also ideal for deep tanks + high MLSS. Available with Fixed bridge + floor-mount only Vertical operation only 1 x Submerged or surface drive Fixed or variable WL.

Fixed or Floating Directional Mixer

Multi-purpose, multi-directional, submerged mixer ideal for general mixing and flow generation; adaptable to any basin configuration. Helical impeller providing intensive, directional sub-surface mixing pattern with negligible surface disturbance and low power to volume. The feasibility range covers Directional mixing + flow generation, General mixing of lagoons, basins + tanks, Activated-sludge processes and Denitrification + SBR. Available with Rail, floor, pontoon mount options, Any operating angle – 0 -180°, 1 x Submerged drive and
Fixed or variable WL

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