Water Treatment

The Water Treatment Technologies We Provide!

 1. Rotating Biological Contactor

RBC is a kind of fixed media channel water treatment technologies in Sharjah & Saudi. It eliminates ammonia and organic matter from water. RBC can be added to any packaged treatment plant to remove ammonia more efficiently. It replaces the aerator’s position and function. A series of rotating discs are present in RBCs. Biological slime covers these discs, and this slime rotates through the air and then through wastewater. It results in the separation of B.O.D in the wastewater.


 2. Advanced Sequencing Batch Reactor

ASBR is a developed SBR process. It includes staged activated-sludge process systems. The activated-sludge systems operate continuously with continuous wastewater inflow.

water treatment solution
water treatment solution

 3. A2O/ AO Process

The Advanced Activated Sludge Process comprises an MLE process for nitrogen evacuation, with an anaerobic zone in front for phosphorus expulsion. The cycle is called A2O since it comprises a series of anaerobic/anoxic/oxic tanks. The RAS is reused in the anaerobic zone. An anoxic zone trails the anaerobic zone for nitrogen expulsion through de-nitrification.


 4. Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor

This is an energy-efficient process for wastewater treatment. The process is based on passive aeration, which includes oxygen diffusion via membranes. It supports water treatment at low use of energy.


 5. Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge

IFAS is a wastewater treatment technology that uses suspended growth and biofilm technologies. One of the most appreciated advantages of this technology is the higher stability it provides.


 6. Renewal Energy Division

The Renewal Energy Division framework incorporates sewer pipe, heat exchanger, interfacing pipes, intensity siphons (electric, gas engine, retention), top evaporator, all establishments in the energy plant, and control frameworks.


 7. Package Sewage Treatment Plants

Water Matrix Technologies is known for providing the best wastewater treatment technologies. We provide customized package sewage treatment plants to meet specific needs.