Aire – O2 Triton Process Aerator/Mixer

Aire-O2 Triton Process Aerator/Mixer for Pulp and Paper

The Pulp & Paper Aire-O2 Triton Aerator features:

  • Surface-mounted, horizontal mixing provides better dispersion, better directional control and no splashing.
  • Premium efficiency, severe-duty motor.
  • Elevated blower mount and pedestal for increased corrosion protection.
  • UV and caustic environment resistant hoses and fittings.
  • Designed for easy maintenance without removal from draining of basin

Euroteck tested and proven wastewater treatment offerings have been extensively deployed worldwide in a variety of pulp and paper mills. Whether your wastewater treatment system is an aerated lagoon or an activated sludge process, our wastewater treatment solutions provide an effective and reliable solution. Contact us today to speak with a pulp and paper wastewater treatment specialist about your needs. Let us help improve your productivity and eliminate downtime.

Aire-O2 Triton Process Aerator/Mixer for Paper Mills
Driven by the proven performance of our patented Aire-O2 Triton Process Aerator and Mixer, our self-contained pulp and paper mill units were designed to meet or exceed the needs of paper producers. Combining wide-dispersion, fine bubble aeration with industry leading mixing capabilities, provides an effective means of re-suspending and moving solids to create controlled mixing patterns to minimize short-circuiting.

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