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Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs) are a type of activated sludge system that incorporates aeration, clarification, effluent decanting, and sludge wasting into a single vessel. The SBR is operated in batch mode through fill, aerate, settle, and decant/waste phases.

SBR Benefits

Low maintenance and user friendly design.

SBR’s have large operational flexibility

Sludge bulking problem is avoided

System requires less space than extended aeration plants of equal capacity

Multi-reactor Batch and Single-reactor Continuous Flow designs available.

Aquabio Membrane Bioreactor


The membrane bioreactor is the most advanced development in the field of biological treatment providing treated wastewater for recycling in smaller footprint and under stringent discharge norms. Hollow fiber membranes are introduced to mixed liquor to separate treated effluent from mixed liquor. Membrane being the absolute physical barriers ensures complete removal of suspended impurities. Aquabio’s cross flow membrane bioreactors (AMBR), using tubular membrane are the most compact and cost effective MBR systems available

Types Of MBR :


AMBR is an aerobic wastewater treatment solution, combining aeration with membrane bioreactor technology. The process provides high quality wastewater treatment with low surplus sludge production. The basic process is an intensive activated sludge system with high biomass concentrations which enables a compact installation with high organic carbon removal and low surplus sludge yields.

The separation of biomass from the treated effluent is achieved by a crossflow membrane Aeration and mixing is provided by the aeration systems which deliver high oxygen mass transfer rates with easily accessible and low maintenance equipment.


AMBR LE is a low energy cross-flow membrane separation process. The membrane separation is provided by banks of horizontally mounted cross-flow membranes. The AMBR LE wastewater treatment plants are designed to provide full aerobic biological treatment using Aquabio’s low footprint and low energy membrane bioreactor technology to allow high quality discharge for treated water

Advantages of the AMBR LE System

Reduced separation energy consumption (typically 75% reduction compared to conventional crossflow)

Backwashable membranes for optimized control of fouling

Safe, easy cleaning

Process optimization, energy saving and output control with variable speed pumps

Small footprint, Safe and easy maintenance

High flux rates at low operating pressure

Industries and Markets :

Food & Drinks Processing

Biodiesel production


Pulp & Paper

Landfill Leachate

Breweries & Distilleries


Petro-chemicals/ Refinery

Textiles & associated industries

Leather & Rendering

Small & large municipal wastewater treatment works


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