Water Matrix Technologies


Description OF Process

Reliable and energy-saving wastewater treatment

The wastewater reaches the preliminary treatment stage which is connected with the biological stage through an opening in the partition wall. The water, treated mechanically in the preliminary treatment stage, flows through a submerged overflow baffler into the activation stage; this can take place during the whole cycle. With the PUROO® small wastewater treatment plant the complete surface of the plant is used as buffer.

A float valve inserted in the activation stage directs the air either to the aeration facility on the bottom or to the air lift pump arranged higher up. With low water level the activation stage is stirred and aerated by the air input. Following appropriate water inflow the valve switches at a defined water level to the air lift pump.

Following the switching of the valve the first surge effects the transportation as sludge return flow and is guided via an outlet opening into the buffer tank of the preliminary treatment stage.

The settling phase follows. The activated sludge now sinks to the bottom and in the upper region a clarified water zone is formed.

Following the ending of the settling, the air lift pump in turn is flushed with treated wastewater by several short transporting surges. During the clarified water offtake the outlet opening in the buffer tank is closed and the clarified water can discharge via the clarified water pipe.

The treated wastewater is pumped out until the lower switching point of the float valve is reached. When this is reached the plant switches again automatically and mechanically to aeration and a new cycle starts.

The cyclical treatment process of the plant is controlled by water level. With average water consumption 1 – 3 cycles take place per day.

*If no or only very little water flows into the plant over a period of more than six hours following a clarified water removal the plant switches into economic mode; after 48 hours into holiday mode.

PUROO plant functions this way