Water Matrix Technologies

Prefabricated STP’s With MBR Technology

In business since 1992, Newterra provides potable and sewage treatment solutions for use at camps for resource exploration and production, military operations, and disaster response. We’ve become a leader in delivering robust solutions that provide outstanding performance with minimal maintenance or operator demands. Newterra’s sustainable solutions are also designed for water reuse to reduce consumption and equipment requirements.


  • Scalable Systems that can expand and/or contract with your camp population – and be easily relocated to other sites
  • No Costly On-Site Construction: Systems are factory-built and tested in our MET-certified production facility
  • MicroClear Membranes: We manufacture our own patented UF membranes for our sewage treatment systems
  • Minimal Downtime: Systems are built with proven, standardized components and feature strategic redundancy in their designs to allow continuous operation – even during maintenance procedures
  • Remote Monitoring & Control: Systems feature sophisticated controls and advanced telemetry for 24/7 access from anywhere
  • Simplified Decommissioning: Systems are portable and require virtually no infrastructure – minimizing remediation requirements at the conclusion of a project
  • Flexible Financing Models: Buy, lease or rental options to suit your needs, including Build, Own, Operate (BOO) models

MBR Technology is Optimized for Remote Sewage Treatment
Newterra’s Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) sewage treatment systems are extremely space efficient – with a footprint only one quarter of the size of equivalent conventional activated sludge plants. Our MBR systems replace secondary clarification, aeration and filtration by combining biological treatment with a physical membrane barrier.
Other benefits:

  • Our patented MicroClear UF cassettes deliver maximum treatment in minimal space – and offer configuration flexibility
  • Cassettes are framed in modules and submerged in separate membrane takes to allow simplified, periodic, in-tank cleaning
  • Operate at high biomass concentrations – reducing process tank size

Built for Easy Deployment to the World’s Extremes
Our systems operate in some of the harshest environments on the planet – and are built to provide reliable,
long-term performance. They’re housed in durable, ISO-certified containers that provide protection from the elements. Their design simplifies transportation to remote sites, decommissioning and relocation at the end of a project.

Excellent Permeate Quality That Meets Global Standards

Newterra MBR treatment systems provide high quality permeate that meets or exceeds global regulatory standards for reuse applications or direct discharge – even in environmentally sensitive areas.

  • WHO Health Guidelines for the Use of Wastewater in Agriculture & Aquaculture
  • EU Bathing Water Directive (2006/7/EC)
  • UN International Maritime Organization bacteriological limits
  • California Title 22 – 4 Code of Regulations