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Odor Control and Chemical Feed System

Integrity Municipal Systems (IMS)

Integrity Municipal Systems (IMS) is a specialty engineering company devoted to the design and supply of innovative, preassembled, process solutions for the water and wastewater industry.

With over 25 years of systems engineering innovation and project execution, the IMS team has the knowledge and dedication to tackle your odor control and chemical feed needs. IMS has achieved a reputation for producing unique, practical, and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Standard and Customized designed are available with us. We are committed to providing quality, service, and overall value that exceed your expectations.

Odor Control Systems
Standardized, pre-engineered, factory assembled odor control systems for treating odors at sewage pump stations and wastewater treatment plants. Pre-engineered Systems are simple to install, reducing installed cost and delivery time.

Biological Odor Control System Benefits

  • Two-stage non-hazardous odor control process for H2S and organic odor removal
  • Airflow rate up to 5,000 CFM
  • Compact, small footprint design
  • “Plug & Play” installation
  • Quiet & easy operation
  • Single-piece construction
  • Inert, non-hazardous media
  • Superior non-corrosive materials
  • Pre-assembled & factory tested
  • Suitable for outdoor installation – optional weather enclosure

Carbon Odor Control Systems

The carbon odor control systems are designed to work with a wide selection of media: virgin activated carbon for low odor level, and high capacity carbon for higher H2S concentrations. It consist of an exhaust fan with sound enclosure, damper, interconnecting ductwork, vessel with activated carbon (3 ft. bed) and a control panel.

MCS Carbon Odor Control System Benefits

  • Available to treat up to 1,400 cfm (2400 m3/h) of odorous air in a single carbon stage
  • Superior non- corrosive material
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for outdoor installation
  • Compact, skid-mounted design
  • Pre-assembled and factory tested
  • Media may be virgin activated carbon or any of a number specialty catalytic carbon

IBCS Carbon Odor Control System Benefits

  • Suitable for higher air flow rates
  • Standard models treat up to 6,800 cfm (11600 m3/h) in a single carbon stage and up to 20,000 cfm (34000 m3/h) in a dual carbon bed system.
  • Easy to operate
  • Superior non -corrosive material
  • Compact, skid-mounted design
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for outdoor installations

Emergency Chlorine Scrubbers
IMS wet emergency chlorine scrubber systems contain and treat accidental releases of chlorine gas, limiting the atmospheric release of chlorine to less than 1 ppm. The compact scrubber systems are factory pre-assembled, piped, wired and tested, with a low profile suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation. The system design surpasses the requirements of the Uniform Fire Code.

Emergency Chlorine Scrubber Benefits

  • System is assembled, piped, wired and tested at factory
  • Easy to transport, handle and install
  • Installation time of less than 8 hours
  • Installation requires only provision of concrete pad, inlet ductwork, utility connections and fill of caustic soda
  • Excess liquid to absorb heat of absorption for maximum chlorine release
  • Low pressure recirculation of scrubber liquid enhances safety
  • Three-stage chemical process ensures efficiency greater than 99.999%
  • Random packing provides large surface area for gas-liquid contact
  • Low profile with top and side access for easy maintenance
  • Robust design with vertical seal-less pump for low maintenance
  • Low horsepower for pump and fan motors
  • System can run in manual mode for maintenance purposes and in fully automatic mode for standby emergency operation

This multi-stage wet scrubber system treats chlorine vapors from a bank of 150lb (70kg) chlorine cylinders, at leak rates of 28 lbs/min or more

This multi-stage wet scrubber system treats up to 3-Ton of chlorine vapor, at leak rates of 100 lbs/min or more.

The EVS-2000C emergency chlorine scrubber is a multi-stage wet scrubber system designed to treat up to 1-Ton of chlorine vapor, at leak rates of 100 lbs/min or more.

Lime Slaker Systems

The Lime Slaker Systems provide continuous high volume lime slurries (up to 8,000 lbs/hour) for industrial and municipal process pH adjustment, flocculation, and chemical reaction. The superior paste-type slaking technology consistently produces a higher strength and more reactive lime slurry resulting in more efficient and more economical use of the quicklime. Systems are factory assembled and tested for quick and easy installation, and include options for lime feed and grit removal.

Lime Slaker Systems

  • 2:1 Water-to-Lime Slaking Ratio
  • Robust Design – Built to Last
  • Conveyor-Type or Vibrating Screen Grit Remover
  • Volumetric or Gravimetric Belt-Type or Screw-Type Feeder
  • Capacities: 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000 lb/hr
  • Manual or Automatic Control
  • Continuous or Batch Operation
  • More than 2,000 Parts in Inventory
  • Able to ship 90% of incoming orders within 24 hours.

Chemical Feed Systems
IMS chemical feed systems are pre-assembled, fully-functional chemical delivery systems for water treatment applications. These compact, user-friendly chemical skids include local storage tanks, full secondary containment, dosing pumps, instrumentation and controls. Systems are piped and wired at the factory for easy and quick hook-up.

Fluoride Feed System

IMS Fluoride Feed Systems use sodium fluoride for community water fluoridation. They are designed with separate saturator and solution tanks, unlike conventional methods, to assure complete saturation, high reliability, low maintenance and ease of use.

Fluoride Feed Systems Benefits

  • Reduces or eliminates suspended solids in the solution tank and prevents dosing pump from plugging
  • Very short installation time and low installation cost
  • Reduces capital investment because of easy relocation, if desired
  • Requires small footprint for installation
  • Factory tested before delivery, significantly reducing system start-up time (~2 hrs)
  • Meets site specific requirement and provides desired features
  • Eliminates any risk of sodium fluoride solution entering floor drains
  • Level controls are pre-set for smooth saturator operation
  • Single point of connection by installer

Aqueous Ammonia Feed System
IMS packaged Aqueous Ammonia Feed Systems are used in the formation of chloramines for disinfection.

Aqueous Ammonia Feed System Benefits

  • DOT authorized 428 kPa (62 psi) pressure rating
  • Heavy-duty cylindrical tank for superior structural integrity
  • Built-in ammonia fume adsorber prevents release of ammonia fumes to the atmosphere (no odor complaints)
  • Metering pump capable of receiving and sending remote signals (4 to 20 mA input/output, remote start-stop, alarms)
  • Robust design (with very low maintenance requirement)
  • Fully contained to eliminate any risk of Ammonium Hydroxide solution entering floor drains
  • High level switch in containment structure for local and remote alarm
  • Equipped with ultrasonic level sensor with local display and remote transmission capability
  • Integrated control panel with single point of connection by installer