Water Matrix Technologies

Combined Mechanical Treatment Unit M-Combi

The unit is used as a system of mechanical wastewater treatment for municipal and industrial enterprises, doing the following tasks:

  1. Fine material treatment
  2. Waste washing and compacting
  3. Grit separation and washing
  4. Washed grit dewatering
  5. Grease separation and removal

The unit can be used individually or as part of wastewater treatment plant. These units are intended for use in wastewater with a pH of 6.5 8.5.


This unit is a compact equipment system. It comprises of a grit chamber tank, screw screen, aeration system, screw for grit collection from the tank bottom, inclined screw transporter for grit discharging and a scraper mechanism for flotation sludge collection. Along with mechanical catchment of solids, the installation provides their automatic collection, flushing from organic contaminants, wringing and discharging. This module is manufactured fully from stainless steel. The conveyor cases are protected by wear-resistant polymeric inserts.

Operating Principle

Wastewater enters the inlet chamber by gravity where the RVO is mounted and where wastewater mechanical treatment is performed (screw screen with screenings wringing, see paragraph 1.6.). The wastewater then flows tangentially out of the inlet chamber to the horizontal grit chamber. Aeration of the grit chamber tank creates a circulating fluid flow which improves grit washing and sedimentation.

Grit sediment is removed by horizontal transporter to the storage chamber. The grit is then dewatered and unloaded by the inclined screw transporter.

Flotation sludge is collected on the water surface (in the grease collection zone) and removed periodically by means of a scraper mechanism to the grease withdrawal chamber..

The grease withdrawal chamber is closed by the scraper mechanism. Washing water and flotation sludge is removed by the pump. Clarified wastewater is expelled from the unit through an overflow weir.

Water level can be controlled by adjusting the weir height.