Water Matrix Technologies

Automation division

IAutomation solution for best water analysis and waste water treatments plants.

Solutions available are as below.


Providing Accurate Information on Water Quality & Quantity in the distribution system to the concerned authorities while providing Supervisory Monitoring and Control over the field instruments.


Features :

  • It is one of the key aspect s of a Water distribution SCADA.
  • Parameters logged for quantity : flow, level
  • Parameters logged for quality : Free residual Chlorine
  • Parameters logged to improve distribution network efficiency : power consumption of pump, pressure    head of pump.

Flow Meter :

To measure flow rate at different points in the network. Measurement is  achieved by using Ultrasonic principle or Magnetic principle.

Level meter:

Various principle of level measurements is available in product range for liquid and solid which can be integrated with PLC system like,

  • Ultrasonic level measurement.
  • Pezometric level measurement.
  • Continuous level with capacitance type.
  • On/off level with capacitance type.
  • All sensors can be integrated with PLC by various technique to provide better solution.

Chlorine Analyser:

To measure free residual Chlorine levels before distribution for public consumption. Measured using DPD method. Manufactured under collaboration with Chemitec, Italy.


Telemetry is a vital element in the design a SCADA system :

Telemetry can be used to acquire data on installations distributed over a large geographical area. It helps transmit data automatically to the SCADA by using different communication protocols. They are also used to control the operation of the installations remotely. Communication Protocols used are GPRS/GSM.


Data collected from various sites need to be Validated, Processed & Organised :

Several data management systems are used to represent data according to user requirements

  • Reports & Trends generated by the software are very helpful in decision making and planning.
  • Graphical representation of site characteristics allows for Evaluation of various field parameters.

Compact and optimized solution for small application with remote monitoring, on site operation using HMI, according to customer application. SMS facility daily shift wise on alarm as per requirement

  • Universal design for high tech automation
  • Every product can be add and remove.
  • Protection against under over current
  • Web access from anywhere in world using wireless router with static IP
  • Remote server and remote client SCADA facility.(redundancy)
  • Redundant PLC the heart of the process
  • Data logging and data acquisition, alarm, trending, process  analysis graphics and data printing facility.