Water Matrix Technologies


The AQUAmax treats inflowing wastewater in three cycles daily with each a duration of 8 hours. First, the wastewater reaches the preliminary treatment stage in which it is also stored until the charging, then follows the 4-stage cycle.

1. Charging phase
The water collected in the preliminary treat- ment stage is fed into the SBR treatment tank using the charging unit.

2. Treatment phase
The wastewater is treated during the treatment phase in which the stirring, aeration and rest periods alternate.

The stirring phase starts after the charging:
the mechanically pretreated wastewater is stirred up through short aeration surges and mixed to- gether with the bacteria resident in the waste- water without input of oxygen. in this phase the nitrogen degradation (denitrification) takes place. The aeration phase, in which oxygen is transferred through intermittent aeration (alternation between running and rest periods) follows sub- sequently. Through this, the micro-organisms
in the activated sludge are activated and the treatment is carried out.

in order to regulate the activated sludge content in the SBR tank, a small quantity is conveyed into the preliminary treatment stage in each cycle. This is disposed of later using the normal sewage sludge removal.

3. Settling phase
The active sludge settles at the bottom of the SBR tank, thus a clarified water zone forms in the upper region.

As activated sludge gets into the clarified water pump during the treatment phase and settles there, it must be ensured that this is not pumped out with the clarified water.

For this, ATB has developed a fully automatic patented process which flushes the pump free using short extraction surges.

4. Removal phase
Treated water is transported out of the plant.

*If no wastewater flows into the plant within a period of six hours, then the plant switches automatically into the energy-saving mode until the water again flows in. Through the optimised summer/winter operation, the AQUAmax small wastewater treatment plant (sWTP) uses considerably less energy than conventional SBR -SWTPS.

Our AQUAmax BASIC & CLASSIC plants function this way

Top Treatment Performance

No matter whether multi-chamber septic tanks or multi-tank plants made from concrete or plastic, whether for new construction or retrofitting: the AQUAmax is the optimum small wastewater treatment plant for every area of application – effective, innovative and future assured.

Through the update and modular design the plant can be matched to the new legal requirements at any time and without expensive new investment. The AQUAmax BAsic and CLASSIC plants have proved themselves a thousand times over in the past years and have demonstrated their reliability and flexibility.