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Aire-O2 Mixer

The Mixer for wastewater treatment is basic part of the multi-step procedure of water and wastewater treatment Water Matrix Technologies times of involvement and a guarantee to bring you more inventive and successful wastewater solutions. The Floating Mixer for wastewater treatment in India is a perfect aerator and mixer that offers double usefulness, fine bubble aeration, flat blending and the Anaerobic Mixer improves efficiency,cost effective and improves the performance characteristics. The other Mixer that is used for sewage treatment is Submersible Mixer and it delivers high quality solution blending, mixing and suspension of solids in industry, municipal treatment plants and agriculture.

Water Matrix Technologies ensures simple, nearly maintenance free operation with above surface float or fixed mounting options with Floating Mixer, Anaerobic Mixer, Submersible Mixer for wastewater treatment in India.

The Aire-O2 Mixer Features:

  1. All components are accessible from the surface.
  2. Variable mounting angle offers flexibility.
  3. Mixing without floc shear.
  4. Designed to prevent short circuiting.
  5. Fast and simply retrofit to existing basin.
  6. Same heavy-duty construction as the award-winning Aire-O2 Triton®.
  7. Large antifouling propeller.
  8. Low speed (900 rpm/60Hz-750 rpm/50Hz) operation ensures improved mixing, quiet operation, and durability.
  9. Available in 2-60 hp (1.5 to 44.7kW) sizes and worldwide voltage, phase, and Hz combinations.
  10. Up to three (3) year warranty, depending on application.