Process Instruments :

About M/s. Chemitec, Italy

Founded in 1974, in Florence (Italy) and gained a large experience in the water treatment and chemical analysis. Besides the design, manufacturing and distribution of its products, chemitec is also specialized in developing specific customized products with a high degree of personalization. It is well known for the quality and services provided. Today, Chemitec is an ideal partner for the most demanding customers.

Chemitec introduces 42 series process analyser in the industrial applications. Its instruments are designed for measuring of pH/ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Turbidity, Suspended solids, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, etc. meters and develop specific solutions forthe most demanding markets.

  • Internal Flash 4Mbit Memory (near to 16000 records)
  • UBS to Download
  • Simultaneous values measurement in Numeric & Bargraph and temperature

Chemitec have various ranges of On-Line Analysers such as UV Analysers for the measurement of COD, Nitrate, Ammonia, Oil Hydrocarbons, T.O.C Analysers and Colorimetric Analysers to measure Heavy Metals.

  • Touch Screen display control
  • Long life UV lamp with 10 Years operation (In UV Analysers)
  • Very simple hydraulic systems with large pipe diameters.

Flow Meter / Level Transmitter / Pressure Transmitter

Chemitec introduces its range of Flow, Level and Pressure Meters. All meters are known for their high efficiency and reliability. A complete series of meters are specifically designed according to the most common applications.

Types of Flow Meters : Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, Transit Time, Ultrasonic Doppler and Area & Velocity flow meters for Open channel and closed pipe applications.

Types of Level Meters : Ultrasonic, Piezometric and microwave radar level meters for tanks. Pressure: Differential, Hydrostatic, HART and General Purpose Pressuretransmitters  for water treatment, food, industrial applications etc.


Process Automation

During the last decade, Chemitec has dedicated many resources to the development of Remote communication systems in both hardware and software.

About M/s. SnisH2O

M/s. SNisH2O Designs and Manufactures the finest analytical instrumentation for Field/LAB and PROCESS Analysis in the Water application. They also manufactures On- Line and Lab Reagents for testing the quality of water. Its products are used in a variety of applications such as Power Plant, Industrial, Municipal, Aqueous Solution etc., which simplifying analysis with reliable, accurate results.


Transmitter with 4-20 mA Provision






Sensors with RS485/4-20 mA Provision

S461S Infrared Suspended Solids Sensor

S461/T Infrared Turbidity Probe

S423/C/OPT/Optical Oxygen Probe

Output-RS485 (4-20mA Optional) for all above mentioned parameters